Our Connections are Valuable!

  • Over 42,000 calls produced for our Verified Business in 2016.
  • An average talk time of over three (3) minutes.
  • On average our Verified Business answer the phone over 97% including after hours.


  1. With Verified Home Services participation is not purchased. The Verified Business must submit to and compensate for the Investigative Process by our internal investigative department.
  2. The Verified Business are billed for “Unique” calls in the monthly cycle. If a customer’s calls back to confirm an appointment or to ask a question the business is only billed once in that month.
  3. Each call to a Verified Business is recorded and available for review by that Verified Business online with a secure login.   This is used to improve customer service, monitor quality control and provide a record of statements and expectations.
  4. Verified Home Services is an online placement and a print directory that is mailed directly to a targeted demographic semi-annually.