Dear Homeowner,

Verified on CC board 2After 20 Years in the yellow page industry publishing and delivering over 16 million phone directories in Metro Atlanta, I recognized a need to narrow the scope for both the consumer and the local business person who provides outstanding service. Most forms of advertising including internet, T.V., radio, billboards, yellow pages, and direct mail place businesses relevant to either how much money they have or can spend with no regard given to the quality or reputation of the company.

With Verified Home Services participation is not purchased. Participants must submit to and compensate for the Investigative Process by our internal investigative department.

1) “Verified”: Each participant is reviewed for customer service, on-time delivery of services, and customer satisfaction.

2) “Credentials”: Each participant is checked for proper professional licensing, insurance and bonding.

3) “Guarantee”: Each participant must have measurable process that provides a path for the consumer to resolve problems when expectations are not meet.

These businesses are ready to serve you. Please use this publication to find the best businesses for your needs.

Gary L. Fascilla