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Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell’s Verification Process

Every business listed in Verified Home Services has been objectively reviewed by
Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, using his unique, 7-Point Investigative Process.

Dale’s experience as a 30-year veteran consumer investigative reporter has given him the expertise to identify companies who are reputable, competitively priced, offer quality products and service, and deliver on what they promise.

Dale actively vets businesses to find the best and recommends them to consumers through his online business review and referral company, TrustDale.com, where categories include home, auto, financial, legal, family, health, business, consumer goods and more.

Beginning in 2013, Dale became the official verifying agent for Verified Home Services.  Inside the Verified Home Services book, there are two types of business listings: TrustDale Verified and TrustDale Certified.  The difference?  TrustDale.com recommends companies across multiple categories.  Verified Home Services is dedicated to vetting and recommending home service companies only.

TrustDale Verified Businesses – These businesses meet the standards of Dale Cardwell’s investigative review.  Each company’s performance and your satisfaction are guaranteed by Verified Home Services.

TrustDale Certified Businesses – These businesses meet the standards of Dale Cardwell’s investigative review and are represented online at TrustDale.com.  The company’s performance and your satisfaction are backed by the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee as detailed on the TrustDale website.

The 7-Point Investigative Process:

1.   Price:  The Company must price its main product or products competitively (unless there is a significant difference in the quality of the product).  The Company must honor the price it advertises, and not use unavailable products to lure and trap customers into more expensive products. Review is accomplished by e-mail, phone, and secret shoppers.

2.   Verified:  The performance of each company is continually and systematically reviewed for delivery of excellent customer service.  This is achieved by conducting follow up surveys of customers who have contacted recommended service providers.

3.   What Would Cardwell Do:  Dale Cardwell developed a proven standard of consumer fairness through thousands of real-world problem-solving experiences.  This created the basis for “What Would Cardwell Do?” in regard to whether Dale would choose to personally do business with this Company.

4.   Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Publications, FTC:  Each Company is reviewed through the pertinent agencies and publications.

5.   Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and Bonding: Each Company is reviewed for proper professional credentialing.

6.   Lawsuit Search and Review:  A review of the Company’s litigation history is completed to assure no unprofessional or illegal business practices.

7.   “Make it Right Guarantee”:  The Company agrees to accept and abide by Verified Home Services’ customer satisfaction guarantee and/or TrustDale’s Make it Right Guarantee.

Find complete information about Consumer Investigator, Dale Cardwell, and TrustDale at   www.TrustDale.com

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