From time to time we all need the services of professionals that can be relied on. The goal of this publication is to provide you with a list of companies that have demonstrated this valued trait.

This publication is mailed to you because you live in one of our seven (6) distribution areas.
. Cherokee County, GA
. Cobb County/Marietta, GA
. Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, GA
. Gwinnett County, GA
. North Atlanta, GA
. Roswell/Alpharetta/Johns Creek, GA

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8 Responses to Welcome to Verified Home Service

  1. Irene Hayes says:

    We called Southern Home Services to come check out our roof and gutters. They came that afternoon but then wanted to charge us $89.00 for the estimate. We were never told there would be a charge upfront. Not someone I would recommend to anyone!

  2. Marie Henderson says:

    Gary, I saw you on TrustDales show today, how can a business be included and do you plan to expand /include businesses in Fulton County?

  3. TA Parker says:

    I contacted one of the home services listed in your guide, (Handyman) Southern Home Services to give me an estimate on widening my driveway. Jon Parker showed up and I explained what I wanted and he tried to take measurements, but, no tape measure. (That should have been my first clue) Anyway he stepped it off for some rough measurement and said he would get back with me for an estimate the 27th or 28th of April. I never heard a word, so I called the following week and talked to the office and they assure me he would get in touch. This is the 11th of May I have not heard a word.
    What really frost me was they required a $59.00 service call fee. So far it appears they took my money and had no intentions of giving me an estimate. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, I think they need to be re-evaluated.
    This is the second service I called during April and so far both have ripped me off. Must have been a bad month.

  4. Entertained & Amused says:

    This “publication” is a joke! The same companies have been featured for years. It is believed the company has to pay the “publication” 10% of the project amount for any sale made. If that’s the case, there is ZERO credibility to the “reports”.

    And now TrustDale is involved somehow. He’s either bought the “publication” or is being heavily compensated for his endorsement. How can someone who claims to provide “honest reviews” and to have done the “homework for you” actually do plugs for a company?

    Never understood how he can get away with that! You can bet your LAST dollar TrustDale has a behind the scenes agreement with the companies he “endorses” for BIG buck contracts! Just watch, the laundry will be aired one day!

    • admin says:

      Beginning in 2013, Dale became the official verifying agent for Verified Home Services. Inside the Verified Home Services book, there are two types of business listings: TrustDale Verified and TrustDale Certified. The difference? recommends companies across multiple categories. Verified Home Services is dedicated to vetting and recommending home service companies only.

      After satisfaction is measured a business is included in the publication and pays a fee to Verified Home Services for each lead. From one publication cycle to the next each business must demonstrate continued strong customer service to continue in the publication. Each year a percentage of businesses are not included due not meeting standards or voluntary withdrawal. is paid a fee for his verification services provide.

  5. r m shepherd says:

    i called your office to have my name taken off of your mailing list and was told i needed to make my request on your website. this method i am using here seem to be the only way to reach you and i trust this method will suffice. i would appreciate notification when action takes place. thanks
    9500 myakka dr., venice, fl. 34293

  6. Pat Eubank/Dunwoody says:

    When I called Kenneth Axt and Associates for a exterior painting estimate, I was told by “Judith” who answered the phone that the company does neither interior or exterior work in homes built before 1974. The reason for this is that the company is not certified by the EPA to deal with lead paint. If this is the case, it should be listed in their description.

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